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I am desperate to find a dr who treats arachnoiditis.

Posted by @bfsecurityguy in Brain & Nervous System, Jun 22, 2014

I am desperate to find a dr who treats arachnoiditis. I live in lake county and no one around here can help me. I have been in pain management for almost 3 years. I want out!!!! I want my life back but can't find anyone who wants to help me..I'm so tired of being in pain, feeling like a failure to my family and feeling alone. Any help much appreciated.

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Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Jun 23, 2014

Hi, @bfsecurityguy. Here is information on Mayo Clinic's Neurology Department that you may find helpful: Has anyone else experienced arachnoiditis?


Posted by @c_edward, Oct 1, 2014

Possible Clue........While researching myelograms I came across 'arachnoiditis' for the first time.

Now a few years back I had a series of (3) epidural steroid injections as treatment for pain caused by fused C4-5 vertebrates having "came loose". Very shortly afterward I began to live in constant pain like I never had experienced....never knowing why but thinking it was nerve damage. Two EMG's and both came back negative.

Today I read two articles, one on WebMD and the other on Spine Universe (this site does not allow me to post links - I may try again in a few days time). Each states "....there is a concern that preservatives found in epidural steroid injections may cause arachnoiditis." Arachnoiditis may in part, full, or not at all be my condition but the information in these articles so closely mirror my symptoms and struggles it's scary. So I'm on a journey now, to see IF it is probable the epidural steroid injections I received contained preservatives and the possibility this caused my condition.

I hope this information will be useful to you in some way and I hope you find significant relief. I will post any findings.


Posted by @Tbato622, Nov 24, 2015

Hi. My name is Theodora. I too suffer from arachnoiditis. I am a patient of Dr. Lubenow Rush Chicago. Yes epidurals,mylogram, etc do cause arachnoiditis. I live in severe pain every waking moment!! I also have an intrathecal pump implanted in my abdomen. Plz respond. Any recommendations would help. Need support group.


Posted by @charmyachicago, Fri, Jun 3 at 1:48pm CST and facebook groups too. Arachnoiditis just search engine should pull them up and mr. Secret so you have to sometimes email people and let them know your condition before they'll let you in but it's no big deal but try to get in one they're really great and then all else there's paint National pain or maybe International Pain try both


Posted by @marlenew, Wed, Sep 7 at 2:02pm CST

Hi Theodora, I am excited to read you have a doctor in Chicago because I am in a suburb of Chicago, but then you say you are in pain all the time. Does Dr. Lubenow understand this disease we have Arachnoiditis and that we are truly in pain and would never want anyone sticking any injections in our spinal cord? I am in dire need of a pain management Doctor and miraculously I checked and Dr. Lubenow is on my insurance!!! Does he have problems giving pain meds because I know they are cracking down on these doctors giving narcotic pain meds because of the major drug addiction problem we have in this country. But "we" the ones who truly are in unbearable pain at times and some all of the time need meds just to be able to function somewhat. So I guess I'm asking if you recommend your doctor for another Arachnoiditis sufferer? I am on a Facebook support group Arachnoiditis Everyday that can be helpful with the emotional support and education on this disease, might be good for you to check it out. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks and I wish you less painful days.


Posted by @colleenyoung, Nov 25, 2015

Hi @Tbato622
Let me start by welcoming you to Connect. I agree that when dealing with a chronic condition, it is helpful to find a support group - people going through the same thing. Let's hope that @bfsecurityguy and @c_edward will respond to this message when they get the email notification.

What kind of pain do you have and how are you managing it?


Posted by @Tbato622, Nov 30, 2015

Hello. Thank u for ur email. I had an intramedullary spinal cord tumor. It was respected in 2009. It was at level C7-T3. I have severe neurological deficits n now also have arachnoiditis. I am a patient of Dr. Lubenow at Rush in Chicago. I have an intrathecal pump implanted w/morphine, bupivacaine, n clonidin. I have severe neuropathy everywhere except my hands arms n head. I live a miserable life. Any help, info, or support group would be appreciated Thank You very much!!


Posted by @colleenyoung, Dec 1, 2015

Hi Tbato,
I'm so glad you responded. Did you see that a new member joined Connect? @JeyLei posted a message here Recent test results show that his wife has an arachnoid cyst.

I think he would appreciate having someone to talk to. Would you please consider clicking the link above and writing him a message?


Posted by @d_corley43, Dec 3, 2015

Hi... I to suffer with Arachnoiditis. I have had it for close to 26 yrs now.. I run an Arachnoiditis group on FB if any of you would like to join for info and support.


Posted by @Tbato622, Dec 6, 2015

Hello. My name is Theodora. I also suffer w/arachnoiditis. Any support or info would deeply be appreciated.


Posted by @Tbato622, Dec 6, 2015

Hi. I'm Theodora. I would love to join the Facebook page.


Posted by @colleenyoung, Dec 4, 2015

Hi @d_corley43
Welcome to Connect. I'm sure @Tbato622 will be happy to share with someone who has been living with this condition. Have you had Arachnoiditis since you were a child?


Posted by @d_corley43, Dec 4, 2015

I have the same problem here in Mississippi, but there is an Arachnoiditis and pain specialist in California who is having some great results with his protocol plan. Just type in your browser,
Dr. Forest Tennant in California and it will pull up his info and practice. He is great at working with your own doctors as well.


Posted by @Tbato622, Dec 6, 2015

Hi. My name is Theodora Batistatos. I suffer from arachnoiditis. Any support or info would help. Thank u


Posted by @Tbato622, Dec 6, 2015

Hi. My name is Theodora. I am a patient of Dr. Lubenow Rush Chcago, IL. I suffer from arachnoiditis and many more neurological deficits. Any support or info would be greatly appreciated. Thank u.


Posted by @d_corley43, Dec 7, 2015

Hi Theodore... If you type in Forest Tennant Arachnoiditis specialist in California then it will pull up all of his info. Are you on Facebook?


Posted by @Tbato622, Dec 7, 2015

Hi. Yes I am on Facebook as Theodora Fitusis Batistatos. I am a patient of Dr. Lubeow at Rush Chicago. He's a GREAT doctor. I have an intrathecal pump implanted but ANY other recommendations would be appreciated.


Posted by @jackiekinney, Tue, Feb 23 at 9:12pm CST

Hi! I've been suffering for almost 5 years constant back pain with terrible muscle spasms. I can't stay in one position for long because of the pain. This started right after I had my epidural for my last child. I had to have a c section for both my kids with no problem with the first. I've been seeing my general practitioner for 4 yrs and have had absolutely no relief and they can not tell me what's causing this. I'm a physical therapist assistant so I've always been active and caution with my back but I can not even work. I have difficulty raising my kids because of the pain and barely sleep at night since it wakes me up in terrible pain. I've been searching for years to find out what's wrong and came across arachnoiditis. I get occasional tingling and numbness in my legs but it's inconsistent. Any suggestions?


Posted by @d_corley43, Wed, Feb 24 at 1:12pm CST

  Dr. Forest Tennant in California is the one who I correspond with. Here is his link.


Posted by @Tbato622, Thu, Feb 25 at 1:39pm CST

Thank you for thinking of me. I went to see Dr. Tennant Feb 5th and I have another appointment March 28th

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Posted by @d_corley43, Thu, Feb 25 at 2:37pm CST

Dr. Forest Tennant in California is a Arachnoiditis Specialist and will view your MRI'S for free.


Posted by @d_corley43, Thu, Feb 25 at 2:38pm CST



Posted by @ledgerwp, Mon, Mar 28 at 8:47pm CST

I too have Arachnoiditis and have had some pretty bad experiences with doctors not believing in the disease. I had a pain pump put in in 2014 with mistakes made and complications. I also have cauda equana which is even harder to get a doctor to believe. I'm in big trouble now since my doctor kicked a lot of us out so I have a pain pump which is close to the time for filling. If anyone knows of an Arachnoiditis doctor that cares enough to find solutions for me, please let me know. I stay so depressed and that's not me. I live in Alabama but will travel anywhere just to get help. Thanks


Posted by @colleenyoung, Mon, Mar 28 at 9:58pm CST

Welcome to Connect @ledgerwp.
You may also want to connect with @user_ch3fc240e who recently wrote about a brother with Cauda Equina Syndrome

How does a doctor "kick out" patients? Is there a pain clinic in your area?


Posted by @ledgerwp, Mon, Mar 28 at 10:19pm CST

It was a pain clinic. I had been going to them for 15 years. Things changed after pain pump was implanted ad mistakes were made. Many things happened and the final thing was refusing another back injection which is probably what caused my disease Arachnoiditis. When I said I wouldn't do it, they cut my meds in half, dropped my muscle relaxer and slowed the pump down to almost off so my pain flew up. It goes on and on. Its been a nightmare. I did find help with cauda equana from a urgent care clinic Med they gave me. It's a miracle.


Posted by @ledgerwp, Mon, Mar 28 at 11:37pm CST

By reading quite a few blogs, sounds like I need to go to California. The doctor people are discussing sounds great. I ended up with Arachnoiditis after they found an infection in my spinal fluid. I used to get back injections as often as every 2 months.


Posted by @asw417, Fri, Apr 22 at 11:54am CST

Hi, I live in Arkansas and was recently diagnosed with Arachnoiditis. I have been referred to and am seeing a doc in the interventional pain clinic here. I was wondering if anyone might point me to a doc in the 'area' that might have had some experience with this disorder.


Posted by @colleenyoung, Sun, Jun 5 at 4:42pm CST

Welcome to Connect @charmyachicago.

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