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I am caring for my son's girlfriend who is 17... She was

Posted by @momhess, Sep 18, 2012

I am caring for my son’s girlfriend who is 17… She was recently diagnosed with gastroparesis in June. She is scheduled for Mayo clinic with the motility doctor the week of November 6, after she turns 18. She has been having extreme swings in her blood sugars and her bowels are a problem… the week before and duing her period is the worst… I figure the worse her symptoms are before that is how her period goes. Sometimes with 10/10 pain in cramping. She reacts badly (slowness, unable to respond or answer questions) when her blood sugar falls. She has had highs and lows. Two of her readings were 38 and one below 20!! Sometimes no symptoms on the lows… The doctors here are unable to figure anything out. Also the week before her period her bowels shut down and she is unable to go on her own. One month for 11 days and the next month for 12… I am a nurse and have been caring and monitoring and journaling now this 5 month journey… I need to hear how others manage these 2 symptoms and what we are in store for once we get to Mayo… Anything.



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