Being treated at Mayo for membranous glomerulonephritis. Experiencing flank pain.

Posted by bryguy @bryguy, Jan 15, 2016

i am being treated at mayo for membranous glomerulonephritis, over the last 6 years had
rituxan, 3 sessions of 4 times each, i am still in remission but have severe,flank and kidney
pain, has anybody had like issues??????please share

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Hi @bryguy
Welcome to Connect.
Great news to hear that you are still in remission. I’m afraid that we don’t currently have another member who has shared about taking rituxan for kidney disease. Although if you use the keyword “rituxan” in the search bar above (, you’ll find several people talking about rituxan.

What are you doing or taking to manage the pain?


for pain control, take oxycontin,hydromorphine ,cymbolta,amitriptyline


Have you talked to your doctor about the pain? Does s/he believe it is related to treatment?


I will know Feb 3, hopefully. Nobody thinks it is related but me.


Hi @bryguy, sorry you’re going through this. I understand that this illness is not curable, but I don’t see blood thinners on your list of medications. Have they discussed the dangers of your kidney arteries getting a clot?

Also, are you pain medications are working for you?

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