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I am an Anon Kidney Donor - wonderful decision

Posted by @gregorytremblay in Transplants, Apr 11, 2015

I am an Anon Kidney Donor, and will offer advise to verify that I made a wonderful decision to donate.


Posted by @colleenyoung, Wed, Jan 13 at 9:57am CST

Hi @gregorytremblay
I'm the new Community Director of Connect and am catching up on some of the discussions. I'd like to hear more about your experience. What led you to become a kidney donor?


Posted by @gregorytremblay, Wed, Jan 13 at 11:28am CST

An organ Donor must be a non-smoker for at least one year.  With such seriousness, it took me only 4 days to quit, and I haven't touched it since, saving buckets of money.  Hehe
Greg T


Posted by @colleenyoung, Wed, Jan 13 at 5:22pm CST

Good for you! That's one of best "why I quit smoking" stories I've heard yet. When do you donate your kidney and how long was the recovery period?


Posted by @gregorytremblay, Wed, Jan 13 at 5:32pm CST

Confidential on where and when. Sorry. I have to guess as to the recovery
time as I am retired and required regular pain medications for years, so I
don't have actual dates to refer to. To return to the career I had before
my accident, I think about 2 months. That is a long estimate, as I needed
to be very agile in that job. If it helps, I was fine being alone after
returning home 3 days after surgery. Thanks for caring. HAND

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