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I am a little better... I got really bad to where I

Posted by @wannalivenotjustexhist, Aug 4, 2012

I am a little better… I got really bad to where I could hardly get out of my bed because I was sooo weak.. I am not sure the whole problem… But I am vitamin D deficient as I may have said in my long posting…. I have been taking 50,000 idu? 3 x a week prescribed by my family physician… Most people including Dr.’s arent familiar in this area with vit d deficiency… I have progressed.. I have also increased my water intake.. And I started eating a lot of bananas.. So maybe its a combo of all idk… Another thing is for a week straight I know I went into REM sleep (It remember my dreams vividly…)which I normally get very little of showed in a sleep study… I felt great those days.. I havent dreamed all week and I am wearing back down again some.. so idk…..


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