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i am a 70 yr. old male that lives in brevard, nc.

Posted by @cutty, Dec 12, 2012

i am a 70 yr. old male that lives in brevard, nc. most of the time. i also share my life with my 71 yr old ex-wife who lives in chattanooga, tn. i live here in brevard about 6 wks. at a time and go and live ith my ex-wife nancy who is in chattanooga, tn. we are a second marriage couple. we met on line in february of 1998 and married in april of 1999. we moved to brevard, nc in may 2000. we seperated and divorced in may 2009. we later came to still
love each other and are still best of friends.
i am a person who exercised all my adult life and still walk several times a week in an aerobic capacity, i.e. i hike a lot up and down hills and keep my cardio-capacity in top knotch. i exercise climbing hills and then resting for a few seconds and then taking off again up hill and get breathless and rest and start again.

today, 12/12/2012 was a millstone of a day. had a pain in my abdomen off and on for a few weeks and went to my doctor who arranged a CT abdomal scan, followed be a colonoscopy which was preformed today. the results came back that i had a ulcer on my ileocecal valve about the size between a dime and a quarter. i’am at a loss
of what to do next? i eat normally and take vitamins from zethtaxithin to zinc in normal doses.
i am looking how i can change my diet and heal my ulcer on my colon. Where do i start in getting rid of the ulcer?????


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