What kind treatments can help me to treat my VL aneurysm?

Posted by wangs @wangs, Mar 14, 2016

I am 75 years old, male. At 1995 I had a severe heart attack. The middle artery of my heart was 100% blocked. I missed the window for bypass or install stents. Therefore the front muscle of my heart died completely. Two years later one branch of left side artery had 75% blocked, doctors put a stent in it. Last year, the right side one happened again, doctors put two stents in it. My VL rate is 35%. I have short breathe, but not very severe. So far I am good in terms of daily life/activities. I swim three times (1km total within one hour period) each week. My general health is Ok. I am taking all kind medicine. Currently in my LV, I have an aneurysm in it. I just wonder: 1) Is any patient has similar condition? what treatments can be used to treat my problem to prevent my heart from getting worse (HF?). 2) Is there any way to join the volunteer research group. 3) Under which kind conditions that patient qualify to have doctors consultation? 4) What kind treatments can help me to treat my VL aneurysm?

Hi @wangs, I’m so sorry to hear about your heart condition. I’m sure it’s a scary feeling, not knowing if it will cause more problems. From someone who’s had multiple DVT’s in the leg, I know what you’re going through.

What medications do they have you on?
Have you been put on any blood thinners to prevent further clotting?
What diet should you maintain to keep a healthy heart?
What can harm my heart even further?

Here’s a study I found from the Mayo Clinic concerning your condition:
It doesn’t say there’s sufficient data to support that warfarin can cause / help blockages.

I would try to keep a LOW-SALT diet to prevent further damage. Salt has been proven to be a primary cause of high blood pressure and heart disease. Talk to your doctor about a special diet for a healthy heart.

Ventricular Tachycardia: Have they discussed this condition with you? Some patients have a “defibrillator” put into their heart area to help with daily activities.

Talk to your doctor about prevention therapies, and nutrition. It seems like you have the “staying active” side of things down pact which is fantastic at your age, you’re a true inspiration.

Take care of yourself!

Martin R. Lemieux

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