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I am 56 yrs old. Approx a half yr ago I was

Posted by @angel4maureen, Aug 22, 2011

I am 56 yrs old. Approx a half yr ago I was told I have cysts on my liver and kidney and most recently was told I have diabetes and now fatty liver. I was diagnosed with fatty liver yrs ago, but didn’t know what caused it. I do not drink alcohol, nor do I eat unhealthy each day. Occassionally I snack on foods not conducive to my diet, but I exercise everyday enough to burn the calories I do consume. I got my blood panel results back awhile ago and the results showed my triglycerides level was within normal range. Non-alcohol fatty liver is the build-up of fat globules in the liver cells. My liver is not breaking down the fat that I take into my body. The pain in my center rib cage is so bad at times I have trouble catching my beath and my abdomen is grossly swollen and quite painful most of each day. How can I have a diagnosis of fatty liver and cysts on the liver? No matter how much I exercise I can’t lose the swelling in my abdomen. I wonder how my new diagnosis of diabetes ties in with all of this. I was told by my last doctor that Ibuprofen is toxic to the liver and so she prescribed Tramadol, but it did not help reduce my inflammed liver. My current doctor sees nothing wrong with me taking Ibuprofen. In 1993 I had a chemo left hind quarter infusion on my left leg (for a sarcoma). I was told that the chemo cocktail that was heated and infused into my left leg was highly carcinogenic and toxic (by a doctor from my church). He told me this treatment was so toxic that I will die in a 5-20 yr time. It has been 18 yrs now and here out of the blue all these problems are cropping up-stressing me out. There is a 3rd cause of fatty liver disease (drug toxicity.


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