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I am 56. I was diagnosed last year...needless to say I was

Posted by @carolp, Nov 11, 2011

I am 56. I was diagnosed last year…needless to say I was a bit shocked. I had no symptoms. It was discovered through a routine blood test. After various tests and ruling out Lymphoma, I was diagnosed with Liver Disease. After worrying about having Lymphoma – Liver Disease seemed, at first, like a welcomed relief. The “silent Killer” as they say. Well now that “reality” has set in I have many concerns…like whats next? What can I expect? My last Dr visit showed my enzymes were normal due to the URSO. I thought that was great news until my Dr told me that it doesn’t mean the disease is slowing down..I feel like I have a time bomb inside of me and I’m worried that it will go off “one day.” So the feeling of having limited healthy time is further complicated by my mother who has Alzheimer’s – and I am the sole caretaker. Anyone out there who can tell me what to expect? Time frames from diagnosis to liver failure? My DR painted this with a very broad brush…could see symptoms soon…or when I’m 70.


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