I am 36 years old and out of nowhere I look 4-6 months pregnant

Posted by Lisa @lisa3183, Jun 2, 2017

I have friends ask me if I am pregnant but I am not. I don’t think. I had a myomectomy to remove a small fibroid and found out I also have internal endometriosis inside my uterus. I have not removed my uterus. My stomach LOOKS PREGNANT! It hurts to touch. I also have a lot of gas! I took Miralax (high does as I needed to get my bowels moving) and FINALLY last night I had diarrhea about 15 times total. I am also on Depo Provera not for use of not getting pregnant (I am new first time trying it and its only been 1 month so far) and I will never take it again as I took it for my thalassemia minor and anemia because my hemoglobin is low but not I bleed 14 days on my period on depo and spot multiple times a day as well on depo. I am sure my hemoglobin has dropped. Concerned. I am seeing a Dr. today at 3pm. What could this be? Thanks!

Can anyone please help me? Thank you kindly


Hi Lisa,
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