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hysterctomy complications

Posted by @pollytom, Oct 22, 2011

I had a hysterectomy on Sept. 19th of this year. On the 24th, I had another surgery because I built up a sac of fluid in my abdomin which popped and put a hole in my abdominal wall and then pulled in part of my small intestine. On October 16th, I had another sac of fluid build up and had another emergency surgery. This time the wound was left open to heal and my husband was taught how to care for it. Now I am feeling a lot of nausea again and having pains in the right side of my addomin again. I feel as if I am getting paranoid. I can’t eat much because if I do, I feel very ill. My gynocologist says that this fluid build up could happen again and to keep an eye out for the signs. I just want to know why it keeps happening and when will it ever stop!


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