Hypotension and HCM - are they related?

Posted by kdm1028 @kdm1028, Nov 28, 2021

I have HCM, but 2 years ago on my MRI I had little to no thickening and have been asymptomatic. Was at my HCM Cardiologist a year ago and I was told I didn’t need to come back for 5 years. I have had heart palpitations for the last 5 years with a couple of episodes of almost fainting but then heart rhythm corrected itself and I was fine. I’ve always had rather low blood pressure, but in the last 6 months I’m having episodes of low blood pressure that makes me feel not so great. Back in March at a physical it was 80/60 and I actually felt okay that day. Jump forward a month or so I felt faint and dizzy and drank some coffee and ate something and it was better. Bother me for about a week after that but then went away. Now it’s back and my BP has been 90/50, 86/45, 104/50. I have intermittent chest pain in the middle of my chest that feels like something heavy is sitting on me. Head will also feel funny (lightheaded) at times. Heart palpitations on and off. Is this possibly from my HCM? Or just a getting old thing? I’m 53

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Number 1 you should not drink coffee. Yes I have had HCM my whole life. Did you know you are born with that blessed condition. Mine also is not very bad, going to be 73. Yes we all go through little episodes as you described. It is natural and when you panic is when you think you are going to pass out. I was seen by Dr Berry Marron the top HCM Dr in the world. He basically figured it out. His sons now practice in Cardiovascular also. The Mayo Clinic was highly recommendedbyDr Marron as a go to for HCM. This is a hereditary condition so get you offspring tested. Relax and no Caffeen additives.

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