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hypoplastic left heart syndrome

Posted by @cunno1989hotmailcouk, Jul 26, 2011

hi there, my unborn child was dianoised with hypoplastic left heart syndrome a few weeks ago,is there any body on this site that knows anything about this condition. thank you



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Posted by @dorianne824, Jan 24, 2012

Hi, I just joined the group today and I was searching for a discussion topic that I can really comment on or just simply share my story. I am a grandmother to a grandson that was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome in 8/2010. A echocardiogram was performed on my daughter during her 2nd trimester and that is when we found out that her child has this rare heart defect. My grandson is now 17 months old and he has successfully had his Stage 1 (Norwood procedure) when he was 3 days old and the Stage 2 (Glenn) when he was about 5 months old. He has a Cardiologist appointment scheduled in February to determined his Stage 3 (Fontan procedure). I was told that this procedure is done when the child is about 18 -48 months old. I also realized that you posted your question in July; so I am guessing your little miracle baby is about 6 months old. How are you two doing? My grandson also has a site with caringbridge. Please visit anytime at I felt so much better by entering everything that is going on with my grandson including pictures, recent surgeries and journal entries. This site has helped me to get through some difficult times.

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