Hypervascularity (not brain)

Posted by jessmoss @jessmoss, Aug 14 11:04am

I have a number of chronic issues…my veins currently swollen, painful – body temp from 95.6 to 96.7. Docs say normal aging, doubt that, and getting worse. Docs don't listen well sometimes. Hospital near is Mayo Care Team possible to get some help with finding/getting a GOOD vascular surgeon that can rely on Mayo support/collaboration to figure out what's wrong? Thanks, Jess

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Hi @jessmoss, since hypervascularity can be define as an increased number or concentration of blood vessels, I moved your message to the Heart & Blood Health group that covers vascular conditions.

The doctors at the Mayo Clinic vascular centers treat people with conditions of the blood vessels and lymphatic system (vascular diseases) and have expertise in many complex and serious conditions. Should you or your care team wish to seek a second opinion with Mayo experts, you can learn how to request an appointment or make a physicial referral here: http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

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