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Posted by @boomer, May 28, 2012

What if your systolic is high,your diastolic is normal and your heart rate is low? Do you still take your medications? I’am afraid to take my Metoprolol because it lowers the heart rate, but I need to take it for my pressure. My Doctor tells me to take it when I’am 140/90. But if I’m 158/86/53, Don”t know what to do, because I don’t want to lower my heart rate too much, but i need the medication for my blood pressure. I also take, 50mg Losartan,Hydrochlorithiazide . I have had it under control until the last week, and i can’t seem to get it below 158/86. Frustrated on what to do.



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Posted by @anuar5609, Jul 10, 2012

Why must you take the metoprolol? There is alot of other antihypertensive medicine that wont affect your heart rate. Why dont you try them?

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