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Posted by @terri in Diabetes/Endocrine System, Jul 18, 2011

Hi--I would like to start a discussion with others who have or have had this condition.

I am a 54 year old woman who was diagnosed this year and had surgery in April. I also had Graves disease in the 1980's and was treated with radioactive iodine.

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Posted by @terri, Jul 18, 2011

I am interested in hearing from others: How long did it take for you to feel well after the surgery? When did your fatigue abate? How long did it take for your memory to come back to normal? What symptoms didn't end after surgery? What health issues took a long time to recover?


Posted by @rachemend, Oct 20, 2011

Was hoping there'd be more discussion about this issue. is there a discussion I'm missing? Had my parathyroid adenoma removed in 1/2010 and felt immediate relief of some symptoms, others took six months or more to go away, and I still feel tired, like I don't think as clearly and generally still not myself nearly 2 years later.


Posted by @pjohnso7, Oct 26, 2011

I have had Graves for 12 years and also had radioactive iodine treatment in 2004. I'm having soooo many problems now and have had for the last 12 years and they only get worse, and no answers from doctors. None of the doctors want to take the time to find out if there is something new wrong. My labs (FANA) have been off or years, off and on, but they say it is not Lupus. I feel good for a while and then about every year at the end of August I start feeling really bad and it lasts for 2 to 3 months. It comes on quickly and goes away as quick as it came. I wake up one morning and feel like a new person. But, right now I feel very bad and worse every day. I have major dry mouth every day and night and have had this for years also. I have to keep a drink and gum with me at all times. I'm extremely weak and tired when I first get up and my arms feel like noodles. It is hard to make it through a shower and getting dressed and kids off to school. As the day goes on, it gets a little better and then by afternoon, it starts all over again. No energy at all. Both arms, from the elbow to fingers tips, get numb every night when I go to bed, or even if I lay on the couch for a while. It goes away during the day and happens again when I lay down (in any position). I have major eye problems, can't see things clearly, can't drive at night, memory problems, stabbing pains in bottom of left foot, lower legs go numb when sitting for long time or if I cross legs. I have been to lots of doctors and they just send me for more tests and to other doctors and they can't find anything. My thyroid labs are normal. Could this be all from my Graves, or something new. I'm giving up on all doctors. They just want your money and have no interest in helping me at all.

Can anyone help please? Any Ideas?


Posted by @healthnut1, Nov 3, 2012

You did not mention hyperparathyroidism. This can explain numbness and tingling in hands and feet. Especially stabbing in your left foot , as I have, among other symptoms. Am scheduled for surgery soon.
Your "thyroid labs" will not show this up, as the parathyroid gland is not the thyroid - it is only next to it. See an endocrinologist.


Posted by @terri, Nov 3, 2012

I've been reading lately that radioactive iodine treatment for Graves doesn't only hurt your thyroid, but any gland that takes up iodine. I wish there'd be some research into why some of us aren't thriving after radioactive iodine, even falling apart after a certain age. Dr. David Brownstein is someone actually questioning some of these issues. I wish more would. There's something wrong and no one is looking into it.

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