Hyperhidrosis; temperature dysregulation

Posted by keithbeck999 @keithbeck999, Dec 20, 2022

I am 73; diagnosis of PD 03/2018 and on carbi/levo 25 tid since then. I am doing well. My MDS says I have objectively improved over past 18 months. I exercise daily.

My worst symptoms are voice issues and s weating. Voice doing okay with loud PT.

Sweating is awful: I have to change clothing a couple times per day. I walk around the house with a hand towel for my very wet hands. By the time I finish watching a movie in bed the towel I sit on is wet. Coupled with this is temperature dysregulation: I shiver a lot and my hands and feet are always cold. I wear layers of clothing and of course they get damp from the sweating. which, while worst in hands, is total body.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

thank you

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Hello @keithbeck999 and welcome to Mayo Connect. While I've had PD for several years, now, I have not heard of Hyperhidrosis before. I did a bit of research and found some information from Mayo Clinic's website. Here is the link,
There is a tab that can take you to Diagnosis and Treatment, which you may find helpful.

You might also find The Davis Phinney Foundation website helpful in finding information about PD non-motor symptoms. As you probably know, the symptoms of PD tend to have different categories: Motor Symptoms and Non-Motor Symptoms. Here is a link that will give you more information about Non-Motor Symptoms:
–The Parkinson's You Don't See
The Davis Phinney Foundation also posts Webinars on different topics that explore different problems and treatments that people with PD face on a regular basis.

Like you, I exercise on a regular basis and that really helps the motor symptoms, however, the non-motor symptoms have to be treated differently. I've also seen a speech therapist for the voice problem as well as an otolaryngologist for a paralyzed vocal cord.

I'm wondering if you've seen a dermatologist regarding hyperhidrosis or if it has just been assumed that this is related to your PD diagnosis? Has any testing been done as mentioned in the treatment section of the Mayo Clinic article (iodine-starch test and sweat test)?

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