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Hyper parathyroid - need surgery

Posted by @anon27436249, Apr 25, 2012

I’m frustrated. I have all the symptoms of having a parathyroid tumor, with 80-90s PTH levels. The scan shows an adanoma, but I guess its not a very accurate scan.the problem is my calcium levels were unless slightly high and now are pack to normal. I want the surgery n symptoms to go away. Will a surgeon do surgery if calcium is not high n scan is not definitive



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Posted by @jessmadmase, Aug 21, 2012

Go to the dr. Is in Florida I live in Indiana but have been consulting with them. My calcium levels go up and down they have been 10.6, 10.7, and now are 10.2. I have low vitamin d supposed to be in the 30,s mine is 17 . I have extreme exhaustion brain fog carpel tunnel my legs hurt high blood pressure swelling weight gain I had to get a pacemaker and I’m 33! Even with pacemaker I still have a fib fast pulse rate heart palpitations grouchy irritable . I even have goiter so they are also treating me with hypothyroidism. I wish you luck!

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