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HTN and anxiety connections

Posted by @hypertensivemess, Dec 17, 2011

I’m 48 yrs, male, and run consistently high pressures, both diastolic and systolic: 160/100 is average.

When I go to the MD, most recently a cardiologist, it spikes to 190/115. I know I have ‘white coat’ issues, but this is dangerously high. I’m on just about every anti-hypertensive agent out there, except Minoxidil. I stopped some of the meds, simply because they’re not working.

I’d be curious to hear (or get reading suggestions) about the mind/body connection and what role anxiety plays in consistently dangerously high pressures. I have yet to meet an MD who addresses the mind when treating HTN.

Comments? Thanks!



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Posted by @anon89880224, Dec 18, 2011

Can you check your blood pressure at any other locations other than doctor?
Here, you can check it at pharmacies. Maybe do that if you can , to get a more accurate reading.
Blood pressure raises/falls throughout the day.

Mind can do crazy things to our bodies. I have anxiety and know how it can affect us physically.
Have you considered anti- anxiety meds?

Maybe try those for awhile then get blood pressure readings to see if there is any change.

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Posted by @kwbull, Apr 21, 2012

My experience is very similar to yours and I have tried taking my blood pressure other than the doctors office and it is normal. I even stopped drinking coffee the day of my doctor appt. Then also make sure the size of blood pressure cuff fits your size arm.

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