HPV or something else?

Posted by ralo23 @ralo23, Jan 24, 2019

Hello, I've had this area on my scrotum for quite some time and its never really been giving me problems. And it only itches when I scratch it or make contact with it like cleaning my self with a bath sponge when taking a shower. It's obviously darker than the surrounding skin, and slightly raised. I have no idea that this could be. Could it he hpv genital warts or something else? I tried attaching pictures of it but it just kept taking too long to upload. Much help and advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Obviously difficult for a lay person to detect since they can manifest themselves in various ways. I would seek medical help to remove it however, most of the time they go away on their own. Problem being the longer it takes to go away the more likely they are to return. You also need to know if it’s a low or high risk issue. If using topicals, they can require months of treatment. If you want it over and done with I’d go, as I call it, the electrocution method. The doctor, probably a Urologist uses an electrified gadget (not exactly medical jargon) to cut it away. Being the coward I’ve become I’d demand to be totally knocked out and I wouldn’t care if they used anesthesia or knocked me on head with a mallet, but some brave souls choose a local anesthetic. There are other treatments but aren’t as effective, some less than 50% success rate. Now for the bad news. There is no cure currently so you’ll probably have HPV the rest of your life. You should also discuss the safety issues of future sexual encounters.
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