How to taper from 50 mg of pregabalin in the morning and evening?

Posted by loyal @loyal, May 24 7:07am

I would like to know if anyone has suggestions on how to taper off pregabalin 50 mg daily morning and evening?

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@loyal, I'm tagging a few members who have tapered off of pregabalin (Lycria) and who may be able to offer their experience and tips - members like @pmacg88 @stargazer7 @tenacioustracey @williambogle @incanada

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Loyal, did you taper from a higher dose down to 50 mg twice a day or is that your starting point?


I wish that was my problem when I develop neuropathy a year and a half ago I started on 900 mg. I am now up to 2000. I’m never gonna have to worry about tapering off. This is a lifelong situation for me and probably when the gabapentin doesn’t work, I’m gonna have to move the opiates, I’m not very happy about that but I really need to go on living my life as best I can and that’s what I have to do. That’s what I have to do. I will say with the gabapentin. I am able to function pretty much normally just some pain versus if I was not on gabapentin, I’d be dithering full at this point Would suck anyway I guess I’m not addressing your issue. I’m just venting. Have a good day.

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