How to not eat SAD (Standard American Diet)

Posted by barefoothorseman @barefoothorseman, Apr 27, 2018

When I moved to the US my health went haywire. Autoimmune type symptoms began to appear in various parts of my body.

The reason was simple. I could not find the food that I was used to eating. So much American food is bad for me and most others I suspect.

The food in Australia is so different. Things like bread only last a few days, not weeks because it is not loaded with preservatives and chemicals. Most food is fresh, and not loaded with chemicals in Australia.

Last night I attended a meeting of cyclists, as I looked at all the food and drink that they served up, there was clearly nothing that I could eat because it was all processed and full of bad stuff.

We all know that our health is primarily reliant on what we eat or do.

So I'm looking for more ideas from people who are probably trying to eat better because they too probably have developed autoimmune type issues from food.

What do you look for when you have to eat out. I've not been very successful with salads, and there is a mountain of evidence that salad greens are a common source of E.Coli food poisoning.

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Thanks, @peach414144 and @johnbishop

I like the sound of elephant garlic, I'll have to find it and give it a try.


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@You can also get the elephant garlic at Publix and ask the store they will oder it for you. P>S> You can find anything in the internet.


What a reply- elephant garlic ( never asked about it& i live 1,300 miles from a publix!


almost all grocery stores carry elephant garlic and I an sure you can find it on the internet.


@ Dear barefoothorsman, …..throw a clean chicken, (or just the parts you like) into a large pot, put in carrots, onions, celery, cabbage,elephant garlic (a few pieces, peeled) yellow potatoes, cook for about 60, or 75 minutes and you have a delicious meal. Naturally you can use organic vegetables and garden raised chicken if you wishj. Stuffed cabbage with extra cabbage around your stuffed meatballs with ricecin the meat and some sourkraut on the top of the pot, but not the liqyud in the sourkraut cooked in a tomato sauce. These "old world" european dishes are great like thick green pea soup. Just a few good and healthy meals. Just for you and whomever reads this. Good luck With care, peach414144

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@johnbishop You and Elvis both! Teresa

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