How to get rid of a birthmark

Posted by anon_26554 @anon_26554, Jun 26, 2019

I’m really insecure about this because it’s something that has affected me a lot in my life. Basically I have this “birthmark” and asking my mom about it when I was smaller she said it is where my feeding tube was taped. (I was a premie born a couple months early and had to stay in the hospital for like three months) It’s placed conveniently right on the corner of my mouth and it’s the first thing anyone notices. Which makes it a topic of bullying. I don’t know if my mom was lying to me or what not but I would like to have it removed. Doctors questioned about it before but never really acted on it. I don’t know what to do I just want it gone.

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Hi @anon_26554 and welcome to Connect. That must be so frustrating and unsettling to have a part of you be a topic of bullying.

Here is a Mayo Clinic slideshow of birthmarks that tell you what types to be concerned about in regards to your physical health:

Here is a link to a Healthline page that includes how to get rid of birthmarks:

You mentioned doctor's have noticed it before. What have they said about it then? Have you consulted a dermatologist? What does your Mom feel about all of this?


My moms doesn’t say anything about it. She’s doesn’t really care at this point. They said that they’ll talk to a dermatologist about seeing me but nothing ever happened after. I haven’t consulted anyone about it and I’m too scared to ask my mom about it.


Hi @anon_26554, You mentioned the birthmark is a topic of bullying. Are you being bullied at school? I would really talk to your mother about it and not be afraid to talk with her. I'm sure your mother would want to know about it. Here is a website that may be helpful if you are being bullied:
Please talk to your mom and make sure she knows how you feel about it and why like @ethanmcconkey suggests.

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