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How to get my husband to seek treatment for depression

Posted by @kristielancaster in Mental Health, Dec 28, 2011

My husband is isolated him self from evenyone especially me. We have been married for 30 year had a GREAT marriage, in love and always worked together. He is a good christian man. He works out of town and now he doesnt even want to be around me. He says there is nothing wrong with him and he wont see a doctor. PLEASE TELL ME KNOW HOW TO HELP HIM....

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Posted by @wendylynn, Dec 28, 2011

Keep telling him how much you love him and that you will listen to anything he needs to say and you will work on any problems with him. Need to know more about your situtation, sorry =/


Posted by @kristielancaster, Dec 28, 2011

He got really stressed out on his job several quit and then he started withdeawing from once loved activities at first then he said he couldnt do anything right and it just kept getting worse from there. No one in my family or his has depression so all this is new to me. He has a lot of anger and he is on edge. He wont seek treatment he says he had a worthless rotten feeling and just does not feel anything.

Posted by Anonymous-aeaf6ea1, Dec 29, 2011

The anger is a big problem. We went to marital counseling and my husband was also depressed from it. He has not gotten any better and withdrew from me and from activities. He has been under alot of stress also but taking his displaced anger out on me. Seek treatment for yourself and for him, if he will go. you can not make him get help or help him other than be supportive. If he is unkind to you or refuses help, use appropriate boundaries with him. Keep your own mental health a priority during this trying time.

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Posted by @missysue, Dec 28, 2011

please, you talk to a doctor, he will advise you, just be open with dr re; husband, good luck but do go.


Posted by @ftworthrose, Jan 10, 2012

It is difficult for men to admit they need help, especially when it comes to mental health issues. You say he is a Christian; encourage him to talk with your pastor/priest about any problems in general. Also , maybe you could write him a letter telling him about the changes you've seen in him recently and your concerns. He needs to be reassured that seeking help is NOT a weakness. I know , even in this day and age, mental illness still has a lot of stigma attached to it, especially for men. Don't give up trying to reach him. Be loving and supportive but not preachy. If and when he finally admits maybe he has a problem then most certainly encourage him to seek counseling. Men have a hard time talking about "feelings" especially with their spouse because they are the head of the family and are supposed to be "strong". God bless both of you. Don't give up and pray for him.


Posted by @missysue, Jan 22, 2012

do you have ins?, ask him if he would go to an anger management counseling. he has anger anxiety issues. please talk to your dr. he SHOULD give you advise but you MUST be totally open with dr.. ask him to help you as yor spouse is causing you to feel ill. do it!


Posted by @anon79545058, Feb 10, 2012

Hello ,

Try to ask questions. Study his behavior. Ask his friends and family .Just show him love always.
Going to church. Do something that both of enjoys to do .

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