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How to care for a Schitzophrena person, ?????? PLEASE, HELP!

Posted by @beautygirl27, Nov 4, 2012

I really could use some hints on caring for a 71 year old Schitzophrena and I don’t know what to talk to her about or not about. I believe that I am Over-Whelming to her as I am Hyper, due to stress. Do I give her choices? Should I make all the decisions for her??? I want to treat her like a normal person.
HELP, any info would help me.




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Posted by @marytexas, Nov 6, 2012

ok point one she is not normal so you cannot treat her “normal.” she needs more patience and lots of structure a normal person may not. if you are stressing out it is affecting her disease. you need to seek help in your community not just for her but yourself. why are you in charge? Do u want to be? Schizophrenia is a devastating disease and requires lifelong care. i know u are overwhelmed i can see panic in the post u need to go to a computer and search the internet for resources close to you then start making phone calls.

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