how to be a good person???..anyone help me...

Posted by Agatha AD @agathaad, Aug 1, 2011

how to be a good person???..anyone help me…

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i mean how to make your life to be always happy even your have your own problem….that all..:) i am 20 years all…


Oh Agetha. You shouldnn’t have to try to hard if your asking hun. Just think of how you want to be treated and what makes your feelings huurt and just don’t do the things to hurt others eelings and do all the things you awant youself to be treated do to others. When you walk buy someone od your head with a litttle smile or say good morning. Or have a nice day. Care about others feelings try to understand them. I don’t know how you feel about God but if you at all into Jesus think about wwhats right and wrog and i’m sure u know the difference. I think seriously that you are just shy and nervouus about meeting new people and that is your problem. Don’t let ppl borrow your money though that makes for bad frienndships. Just thought I would thro that oe I there. Just be a happy person and ppl will see that and come tho like. For you personality. If it’s family and they make you unhappy just do what I do. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Family is not worth bad language and fighting and hard feelings when you can be the smart one and just let things go that don’t cause someone getting hurt or ssomething very serious. I giive in and agree just to stop a srupid argument. Thats about all I got . I hope I helped a little. Of. May have been off the beaten path completly if I was i’m sorry. Bbut if you ever need to talk i’m a good listener and I like to have someone listen to me to . Contact me anytime you would like

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