How long have you had AFIB? How often? Was/Is anything being done?

Posted by yorlik @yorlik, Sep 18, 2018

So days after bovine aortic valve replacement, I begin a few cases of afib; last 5 minutes to hours but go away for random time before coming back. I am told this is so common nothing is done to address it; just treat the potential symptom by taking 2x/day 5mg blood thinner (eliquis).

I began days ago thinking afib is bad and needed correction, but am pretty much being told it is no big deal and happens to 40% of this surgeon's open heart customers. I am wondering if this 40% is normal or not, but that it another study.

So if you have/had afib and are willing to share details, I would be indebted to you if you reply! Like, how long had it? How long and how often the bouts or is it 100% of the time? Any thoughts what triggers it? Your docs doing anything to try to stop it?

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@yorlik I have had A-Fib most of my life, ranging from skipped beats to tachycardia for days at a time, 153 bpm. Palpitations, slow beats, skipping 4-5 beats per minute, etc. Syncope, Lots of heart procedures along the way. 24 stents, 30 caths, 2 CABG. Finally was put on metroprolol tartrate with methotrexate injections. Doing much better, but still having problems. But I am 78 years old, so I shall not complain. At age 38 my wife was told I would not live through the night. Mayo AZ said all this was not unusual, and nothing needed be done. I guess they figured I was going to die soon anyway. The Liver folks gave me that excuse for doing nothing. https://bit.Ly/1w7j4j8 Amyloid and Old Karl


Thanks Oldkarl!! You sound amazing to have endured all that and still willing to share! metroprolol tartrate is one of my new drugs for hi BP… sounds like someone is on the right page! Thank you.

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