How long for biopsy results?

Posted by jenray @jenray, Apr 24, 2023

Hi--it's me with yet another biopsy question.

I'm working with my aunt to get her to one of the larger pancreatic centers for a second try at a biopsy after her oncologist was unable to get a sample.

But she has a second try scheduled and she's reluctant to cancel the appointment. She wants to go to MD Anderson, but we can't get a cancer consultation until we have the results of a biopsy. So I tried to schedule a biopsy with them directly, but we can't do that without a "suspicion of cancer" appointment first, and after that, it will be about two weeks before they have a biopsy appointment available.

Getting the results from a biopsy her current oncology (if they get a sample) will take 7 to 10 working days. I don't know how long it will take to get a result back from MD Anderson.

Can anyone tell me what their experience was like? Or what their experience was like at other major pancreatic cancer centers like Mayo, Memorial Sloan, or Columbia Pres? How long was it between getting the biopsy done and getting the result back?

Thanks so much. This board has been everything so far.

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Took about just undet 2 weeks for st vincent to get results back when mailed out, was bad weather though. Probably faster for MD Anderson though, some big centers have in house.

If it turns out to be cancerous, definitely demand they do genetic testing on it, it will help them be able to formulate which chemo or radiation treatment combination will better work for specific type of cancer.

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