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Ms. Parker

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How do you find the will to re-invent yourself. Worked all my

Posted by @msparker, Oct 8, 2012

How do you find the will to re-invent yourself. Worked all my life, some say a work-a-holic! But now told due to back injury from car wreck, and genetic disorders, pain, chronic Fatigue, etc…..I am trapped! I do not know who I am anymore, The real depression comes from having my husband lose his job, find out he is having an affair, and has been giving my money and his money to this woman, and find out the 5th time your in the hospital that he cancelled the Health insurance on me and my daughters, because he was not working enough to pay the bills and spending our savings, and my money on another woman. put me a quarter of a million in debt to hospitals, unpaid bills, used my identity to ruined my credit and file my taxes….All of this while I am so sick and unable to eat for a year due to ulcers… He leaves us…have not seen or heard from him since…..So how do you recover from such Traumatic events in your life…..Well you just do! Take one step at a time, one foot in front of the other. I can not give up. I have a 16 year old in high School and a 25 year old in college…and I am the Matriarch of the family.
Due to all the illnesses I do not walk the same or talk the same, or look the same…So I am trying to get to know, the new me. Recover from all the financial losses..trying to secure my identity. So that keeps me busy you know trying to stay alive, trying to survive….trying to get my divorce…Lawyer found him, now I can divorce him. But now what does this hyperactive, Career minded, work-a-holic do. I am limited on income, limited somewhat on mobility,(the Pain from Osteo-Arthritis) who or what do I become….Well, I just had to throw this out there to cyberspace…to see if anyone had any suggestions on how to become this new person I have to be…Kids give me motivation to keep trying to stay alive and recover…But My pride in the work place, and in my business circles, I have been so tarnished and absentee from everyone for so long….I guess I will just go and start visiting people and see if I can volunteer for their causes and see if I can find my new Identity…Open for suggestions. Have a great day!


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