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How do you cope

Posted by @marie52, Jul 24, 2011

My mom raised eight of us. i am the oldest. She was the the one that kept everything going. Dad worked and was an old fashioned man that cared for his family and left most everything else at home to mom. We lived in a three bedroom house with one bathroom–the house was organzied and spotless. When dad was working she never let anything go. One day I came home and she decided to put in a shower where there was only a tub. There wasn’t anything she couldn’t do. I remember how she would bath us methodically as we complained to stop or that we didn’t need our hair washed.—-Now I am the mom. It hurts so much to see this wonderful independent womon taken over by this disease. My dad passed away 23 years ago and she never skipped a step. She worked 20 years as a maid during the summer and was my rock. I would love to have some people share their stories and maybe even some advice. I am 59 and so not used to taking care of a two year old again. She is so precious to me and it kills me to see her this way.


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