How do I know if we are accepted or denied by Internal medicine

Posted by millerrae0607 @millerrae0607, Jun 21, 2022

My husband applied for an appointment and filled out the questionnaire after the initial call a week ago. We have not heard anything yet even though the lady on the phone said we will be called back within 3 to 5 days. I wonder how long does it take Mayo to inform patients if they are accepted or denied and what is the next step if accepted? Can anyone share your own experience? Thank you.

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@millerrae0607, you are right that typically you should hear back within 3-5 business day. When calculating the days, be sure not to include weekends or holiday dates. If it has been longer than 5 days, I encourage you to contact the appointment office at the campus you applied to.
Here are the numbers


I had applied for the GI dept and did not hear for 3 months until I called and they said I was approved just on a waiting list for a cancellation. When I called they happened to have a cancellation and I was able to be seen the end of March. I would maybe call and check if you do not hear by the end of the week.

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