How do I get an kidney evaluation appointment?

Posted by river @river, Apr 13, 2018

I'm starting hemodiaylisis soon. I had a evaluation at the Mayo in Phoenix over a year. I had other health issues and surgeries since that time. Now I need to have a reevaluation. I sent a request for a appointment. The response I received was,…. we are not accepting patients for your request (kidney) and not taking your insurance at this time. Has anyone experienced this? I need some in site on how to get a reevaluate?

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Hello, @river. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.

First, I'm sorry to hear that you have had trouble getting an appointment at Mayo Clinic. Here is some information that might help explain the denial or help you figure out another pathway to obtain an appointment —> Check out the section on Guidance for denied claims and see if that is helpful to you. Can you visit a different Mayo location? or get in through Internal Medicine first then be referred for your hemodiaylisis?

I would also like to share this link with you- Here you will meet other members that have also been down the same road as you, if you are looking for further advice.


@river, How are you doing?
I saw that you recently entered a discussion group and I am wondering if you were able to learn anything about scheduling your appointment.
I’m using iPhone for next few days, so please excuse my short message.


@river was your evaluation for pretransplant (kidney) or some other kind of kidney evaluation? There’s probably a difference. Pretransplant evaluations need to be reviewed annually. Your nephrologist/the provider overseeing your upcoming hemodialysis should be able to help with a referral if needed. The info and links from Jamie Olson will be helpful as well.

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