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How did the Mayo Clinic change your outlook on life?

Posted by @inactinglive, Oct 18, 2011

I visited the Mayo Clinic in Rochester in December 2010 and my experience there gave me a new outlook on many aspects of my life. After the doctors there were able to diagnose my condition and give me back my physican health I felt that I had a responsibility to really take care of myself. I switched to eating organic foods, greatly reduced the amount of sugar in my diet, and gave up caffeine. I moved to a new city like I had been wanting to do for a long time. My outlook on life changed too. I started to see every day as a gift and didn’t let the small things get to me as much. As time has passed I’ve let some of that slip and some of the little things in life stress me out more but when they do I remind myself that I was already given a second chance at life and that no stress at work or home or grad school is worth not enjoying that.
So what about everyone else? Did you come home from the Mayo Clinic the exact same person or has your outlook been different?

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