How can I get my doctor look from the "real" problems.

Posted by Asil24 @asil24, Sep 17, 2011

I’ve been experiening the following symptoms:Fatigue
Weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight
Coarse, dry hair
Dry, vomitting, diarrhea
Hair loss, Constipation(I get headaches when I have to use the bathroom, instead of the nesscery urge to go)
Depression,Abnormal menstrual cycles
Irritability, and abdominal pains, and I have these irritating dry red bloches randomly appearing over my body(they are very itchy)…
..I went to the ER for the abdominal pains, I explained all this to the doctor, he then quickly came back with the test results, and told me they found bactria in my urine(they didn’t do a culture/pelvic exam)and told me it was a urinary track infection…He simply told me that they were going to give me a perscription for Keflex.

My question is are these symptoms simular to a usual dignosis of a urinary track infection(i’ve never had one before)? or could it be something more serious(also me and my partner have been tryying for a baby, I’m 30 and have never been pregnant) could this have something to do with my thyroid(if so how can I get my doctor to preform the nesscery test to find out what’s really going on?)?

Has anyone esle gone to the ER, only to follow up with your Prm. care Dr. to find only to find out that it was a mis-dignosis!!/?? PLEASE HELP!!

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Why not try a D.O.. I find that they look for the root problem instead of doctoring with drugs. Allopathic doctors listen, test, and prescribe according to test results. A D.O. listens intently, takes a thorough history with more questions than you will want to answer! I went through years of symptoms, doctor hopping, and finally found a D.O. who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. Once I knew what I had, I have been very successful in staying in remission.


I would go to a dif. doc. what i have is rare and i knew i was sick, but i persisted with some help until i got a diagnosis.

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