How can I get better from my anxiety, anemia, bulimia and anorexia?

Posted by anipau @anipau, Oct 29 11:54pm

I am a 14-year-old girl and I suffer from anxiety, anemia, bulimia and anorexia and I don’t know how I can improve.
I really want to improve.

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@anipau, you've taken the first step to getting better. That first step is to ask for help and to want to improve. Anorexia and bulimia are serious. I recommend that you seek professional help. You can start with an appointment with your doctor, who will likely recommend that you talk with a mental health professional, like a therapist or psychologist.

Have you been able to talk to your parents about the issues you are having? Can you take the next step and get an appointment with a doctor?


You are very brave, you can do this! When you see your doctor, be sure you discuss your diet with them and ask for a blood test to check for celiac disease. If they dismiss this approach, go to a nutritionist. I was severely anemic 12 months ago and then found I also had celiac disease. This condition causes my body to react negatively to gluten, found primarily in wheat and barley. For most people with this condition nutrient absorption, which happens in your small intestine can be greatly reduced, and that can lead to anemia.
I have been gluten free for 10 months now and quarterly blood tests for iron, hemoglobin and other related analytes have steadily improved. As of my last test two weeks ago, my anemia is gone. Now everyone is different, so this may not work for you, but please be persistent with your doctor to at least be tested for celiac disease, if nothing else but to rule it out. I asked my primary care doctor if I could get the blood test for celiac disease in 2020 and talked me out of it. Two years later I was severely anemic and celiac disease appears to be the cause.

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