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How big is my chance that I could be pregnant?

Posted by Anonymous-3f22ecd6 in Women's Health, Jul 20, 2012

I am taking Ortho Tri Cyclen and lately have been messed up with taking them religiously.. June 22nd was my first day of my last period and lasted until June 27 (had sex the same day) June 28(Thursday) is the start of another pack of my pills.. But,wasn't able to take them coz I forgot to bring them when we went out of town..That was 4 white active pills in a row (Thursday to Sunday) then I took the 5th and 6th pills and forgot the 7th..Now,July 5th is my 2nd week of pills but then again,I forgot to take 5 in a row! We had unprotected sex all those times that I missed my pills.. My period is always on the 4th day taking the placebo pills..Thinking that I might be pregnant,so I completely stopped taking them...You think I'm pregnant? I already took pregnancy test in July 16 (6 days before my period) and another 1 this morning,July 20 ( 2 days before my period ) You think I might tested it too early,you think? I am actually hoping that it's going to be positive 🙂

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Posted by Anonymous-3f22ecd6, Jul 20, 2012

I'm sorry,I forgot to say that the results on those PT's are negative....

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