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hot flashes and employment

Posted by @grammapam, Jul 27, 2011

I would like to hear from employed women with severe hot flashes in the work place. When I say severe, they are at times every half hour to 45 minutes, perspiring so bad at times I have to change my top, undergarments, sweat rolls down my back into the waistband of my pants, shorts. My arms, tops of my hands, also sweat. With the latest heat wave we had im my area, I thought it started raining..nope! It was sweat dripping over my eyes. I have every kind of symptom of menopause there is. I can’t even remember when I slept more than an hour at a time last. I’ve been on two different brands of HRT the last three years, femhrt worked for about six months, then over night it all returned. Activella has done nothing. Currently I’m waiting on another Dr.’s appointment.
I did not have this going on when I was employed three years ago and have been trying to get another job since, but this has been a real hold up and I am wondering how other women handle this in the workforce. I have always worked in an office, but am pretty sure I will not be able to take a break once an hour and change clothes!
Other wise I’m in good health, small in build, not over weight, don’t smoke or drink, eat right, and excersise…best of all haven’t lost my mind from it yet!
Appreciate any feedback.


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