Hospice has a dark side...

Posted by Langold @rarelybees2889, Feb 2 2:44am

Has anyone had issues with hospice? I have found they overdrug and don't seem able to follow my family members doctors orders. Also billing doesn't make sense when using them. I am trying to find legal resources for patient rights on hospice. I had similar bad experiences with them with my dad.

We experienced nothing but wonderful experiences with hospice for the months my wife was in home hospice care. It was some of the best care she ever received as it was totally patient focused.

However, hospice companies are all independent and 'hospice' is not one huge organization or affiliation so your local hospice company or nonprofit might not be up to the standards of others. I know in my wife's situation we interviewed three hospice providers before we picked the one we ultimately used.

We never saw anything anywhere near a 'dark side' to hospice at all.

Strength, courage and peace


Hello @rarelybees2889,

I have never found this to be true of the hospice experiences I had with either my mom or dad. Both times, the hospice organization provided a "Care Package" which contained pain meds to use when needed as well as anti-nausea meds. With my mom, they were only used the two hours before she passed away and she was in such pain that she requested them.

As Scott, @IndianaScott, said there are many hospice organizations. If you are not happy with the current one, interview another hospice organization. As you look for another organization be honest with them regarding your concerns and what is important to you and your family..

Is this something you can try?


Hi @rarelybees2889, In another discussion, you mention that you mom is not near the end and that she is not dying. Usually hospice care is reserved for people who are expected to pass soon (generally within 6 months), otherwise it is referred to as palliative care.

This blog post helps explain:
– Palliative care vs hospice care: What's the difference? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/take-charge-healthy-aging/newsfeed-post/paliative-care-vs-hospice-care-whats-the-difference/

Is you mom in a hospice facility or perhaps it is a long-term care home?

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