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Horrible nausea,lower stomach pain,side pain,bloating not much appetite!!!

Posted by @stomachtroubleneedhelp, Nov 7, 2012

I am having lower stomach pain bloating severe nausea that wakes me up at night and bad pain and discomfort on my left lower side it goes from mild to severe,on top of that I already suffer from bad constipation and impaction whenever I drink milk I feel sick and for the past 4 days I’ve eaten nothing but cerial with lactaid milk thinking its ok I was trying a cerial diet,ever since then I’ve been feeling this way but it’s getting worse!! Specialy when i eat omg,could it be another Uti??Me and my boyfriend had sex Sunday and he came in me about 5 times he wasnt deep in though,could this be pregnancy? These symptoms were coming before we did it but it’s REALLYA BAD NOW. I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning around 7:00 it came back negative I’m tempted to go to the Er I’m soo scared


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