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Horner's Syndrome - continuing episodic

Posted by @curiousabouthorners, Nov 29, 2012

I have had Horner’s syndrome for several months beginning in late June 2012, and possibly related serious encephalopathy (seriously impaired for 6 weeks or more). Moderate impairment lasted into October. The encephalopathy maybe have preceeded the Horners but I can not be sure.

MRI confirmed no stroke, bleeding, etc. no brain mass. Cat scan of chest confirmed no cancer

The encephalopathy is ”mostly” gone although morning (and sometimes continuous) headaches are common. The Horner’s includes pupil contraction, tearing, ptosis, headache surrounding left eye, left scalp tenderness (when the headache is clearly present) and I am continously “aware” of the upper left quadrant of my face and my left eye.

No cause was established for any symptoms.

What is experience of others who have had Horner’s for years?


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