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hopefully someone can relate to me

Posted by @misschloexo, Sep 21, 2013

for the past six months i have been practically bed ridden my every day nausea is so overpowering it prohibits me to do anything, i can barely eat nor work up an appetite I’ve lost 15 pounds since this first started out of nowhere. I barely have energy to do anything. I’ve seen my GP and a Gastro and they’ve performed tests from an endoscopy to ultrasounds to a ct scan and nothing has came starting to think I’m crazy but i know theres something there. Im a 19 year old healthy girl who never smokes or drinks and just want to know if anyone can relate or has any advice for me I’m losing hope. I just want to feel normal again


Alex Simon

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Posted by @alexsimon, Oct 16, 2013

Dear Misschloe_xo
I’m sorry that you have been feeling so terrible these past few months. In all honesty I am an employee at Mayo in the public affairs team so I cannot offer any medical advice via this forum, nor would i know where to start. But i can say that Mayo does have a lot of medical information available on and that may be of reference and a resource to you. Otherwise if you are intersted in seeking a second opinion from a medical physician at one of our campuses in MN, FL or AZ please click on the request and appointment button on the upper right hand corner of the screen.
Thank you,

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