Honestly I do not know where to begin. In 1997 I had [...]

Posted by Kiltlady @kiltlady, Aug 15, 2015

Honestly I do not know where to begin. In 1997 I had emergency abdominal laparotomy & hemicolectomy and retrocecal appendicitis with a side to side resection done with removal of about 14-16″ removal of small bowel. All sorts of digestive, absorption difficulties since that time. Can you advise best means to stabilize my body needs of electrolytes, safely lower weight of 149 lbs. to a possible 115 to 120 (I am 5’2″) I have other medical issues HP, Auto immune disorder of Polymyalgia Rheumatica (in remission) Osteoporosis due to premature menopause. I am now 78 and want to deal with these issues the best I can. Obviously with the loss of that much of the bowel my absorption of almost everything (food, medicines) do not stay in my system long enough to do what is needed. Thank you for any input or suggestions.

Keep going girl! I am 81, struggle with some similar issues….can’t find a doctor who say that they can help me. Maybe it is just part of ageing, I am not sure….but it came on without too much notice…one day I just looked about 8 mos. pg.

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thanks for your reply….I know there are many of us who have a variety of issues….:)

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