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Home on the 4th of July. It's raining, a first for me,

Posted by @roxie43 in Just Want to Talk, Jul 5, 2012

Home on the 4th of July. It's raining, a first for me, because I have been in Vegas during this time of year prior to leave of absence. I miss my old life, some of it, but I am happy to have met some wonderful people and reconnect with others.
God is good

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Posted by @piglit, Jul 5, 2012

The sun is shining here although it's cold. My dear Rox you may miss some of your old life. But look forward to the new one it's just around the corner waiting for you. Stay strong and positive
Hugs Piglit and yes my dear friend God is good xo


Posted by @roxie43, Jul 5, 2012

I am trying really hard to think of a brighter future. It's challenging at times because when I comoare how my life was before the abuse I was actually well off. I think Envy and Classism can be so hurtful.
All I have ever done is work hard but when someone has it out for you and they have a little power that will go to any lengths to destroy one. I have returned to prayer and I have to also pray for people like this because internally I think they are miserable.
I think I have grown immensely these past 15 months but I need to get my life back..


Posted by @iraku, Jul 5, 2012

Dear Roxie, you will feel renewed and WILL overcome the hard time. When the difficulty well past and you look back with the new spirit you will see the blessing you have received. Obstacles in life will only makes you a stronger person. Much love and hugs. xo


Posted by @piglit, Jul 6, 2012

such true and wise words Iraku everything will be okay Rox Hugs to both of you x0

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Posted by @roxie43, Jul 6, 2012

Thank you Iraku and Piglit. I am praying that this day of peace and joy will come soon...


Posted by @piglit, Jul 6, 2012

Stay strong my dear friend always here for you Hugs x0


Posted by @roxie43, Jul 10, 2012

It was a little cloudy but hot here...

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