Hodgkin lymphoma

Posted by scottishshaun @scottishshaun, Jan 23 1:23am

My step daughter has Hodgkins lymphoma stage 2B and she wants to use a sunbed, can any1 tell me if she can use sunbed or not please.

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Hi @scottishshaun The light from sun beds can cause serious and irreparable damage to the skin under any circumstance, even with a totally healthy person. There are some clinical uses for these beds but only under the supervision of a dermatologist. The ultraviolet rays can penetrate within the skin, causing cellular damage.

Your stepdaughter has Hodgkin's Lymphoma which is a blood cancer. From experience I can tell you that this makes her much more susceptible to skin cancer from the damage caused by the UV rays, not only from a sunlamp/sunbed, but also with the sun itself. The other impact the ultraviolet light can have on anyone immunocompromised is that it can trigger and awaken latent viruses living in the body such as herpes, which causes cold sores on lips.
As a blood cancer patient I’ve been advised to be fully covered in the sun with long sleeves, floppy hat to cover my face and neck, etc.

Is your stepdaughter under treatment for the lymphoma? Any of the medications used to treat a blood cancer will further reduce her ability to fight infections and open her up to an enhance risk of skin cancer,
I found two excellent articles…one is a video…on dangers of tanning beds from the Mayo Clinic. I hope your step daughter will take a few minutes to watch and read this information.
I can relate to the pallor brought on by a blood cancer. Is this what’s prompting your stepdaughter’s desire for the tanning bed? There are some self tanning products on the market that can help to bring a little color back. Has she tried a self tanner?

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