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HIVES, Post Daptomycin / Vanctomycin

Posted by @covenantplace, Jun 28, 2012

Had MRSA, took 2 weeks of Vanctomycin and 5 weeks of Daptomycin. On the 5 week of Daptomycin had an allergic reaction resulting into Hives. It has been over a year and the Hives are still present. Antihistamines help at keeping it at bay, but does not cure it and have gotten quite frustrated with it. Has anyone else had this issue?



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Posted by @ginacostello, Jul 18, 2012

Dear covenantplace,
Hives come along with the MRSA. Your doctor should tell you that. More than likely it is not a reaction. That is why it is still present. You need to aquire a low acidic diet. Acidity is what the MRSA thrives on.


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Posted by @jillh, Nov 16, 2012

Did daptomycin cure mrsa?

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