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Hirschsprung's Disease and Waardenburg Syndrome

Posted by @duck14 in Digestive Health, Nov 21, 2011

I'm interested in learning if there's a relationship between Hirschsprung's Disease and Waardenburg Syndrome. I was born with Hirschsprung's Disease. Is it possible it is a symptom of Waardenburg? It appears to me I may have fairly uncommon traits one could attribute to Waardenburg - the dual colored iris and wide nose bridge. There's also a history of hearing loss in my family - that's the issue; am I susceptible to hearing loss too? Any and all thoughts are appreciated.


Posted by @hdmom1986, Nov 22, 2011

Yes, Waardenburg is a related condition to Hirschsprungs. Please visit to read about it.


Posted by @duck14, Nov 23, 2011



Posted by @hirschsprungshelpinc, Dec 20, 2011

Hi! yes HD and Waardenburg syndrome are related. It is called Shah-Waardenburg syndrome. I have a section on it in the book I wrote on HD. You can visit my website to read our story:

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