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Hip revision pain

Posted by @dollpag, Feb 8, 2012

My name is Dolly
I am a 47 year old female
Starting in June 2010 I had a stress fracture of the right femor
We have no idea why. A reputal doctor placed a plate and 5 screws into my hip
Waiting 6 months and a whole lot of pain and physical therapy
and no healing of the bone had taken place
We used a bone stimulator with no help from that
In December 2010 I had a total hip replacement
I did see some improvement in the beginning but still severe pain
Trying to work through it
One doctor says pt another in the same office said to stop pt
We had numerous test ,bone scans,20-30 x rays and a lot of doctors to try to find out what the problem was
The pain got worse and and I lost a lot of range of motion.
Our doctor told us to go get a 2nd opinion we saw ortho,pain management,rheumatologist . He also ordered a shot in the spine,a shot in the front of my thy, and I also had a groin shot. That shot was not in the place the doc ordered waiting another 2 weeks and finally a shot in the Ellio tendon ,muscle
While I am 1year and 3 months out of my 2nd serguery I am still in. Extreme pain
I do not know where to turn next. We have exhausted most everything I can think of .
My next thought would be the mayo clinic.
The pain runs around my leg. Sometimes it is in the but?sometimes ,my thy,touch the top and feel tingling all the way to my toes. My groin has been a real issue also
I can not get comfortable and can not lay flat can not sit for long. Can,t make my leg straight. I would like to know anyone’s thoughts.
The only doctor we have not seen was a neurologist .
I have been told by the pain management doctor a neurologist could not help
Oh. I also should mention the pain management doctor would not treat us.
Can anyone relate. Who. And how woud I go about contracting the right people at the mayo clinic.would they review our case.

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Posted by @irishize, Feb 11, 2012

Had a hip replacement end of Dec; fell two weeks later and had revivion. So far my “recovery” is still very painful; During both surgeries docotr overmedicTED ME ON MORPHINE. Soory about the typos and caps (my backspace key isn’t working)….I nearly lost my mind; he though(t i t is) it was humorous!
I’m experiencing a lot of pain in my knees and spine…..I wiil NOT go back to first Dr.
My spirit is running very low and I’m SO frustrated….we live on the coast in a small town……my husband wants me to continue w/same Dr., which I refuse. Gosh I feel so lost and angry and afraid. Thanks for listrening…..I hope all in this community are progressing.
My best,

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Posted by @petere, Sep 9, 2012

To heck with Morphine and other addictive opioid drugs. You couldn’t pay me enough to put that crap into my body. I typically use topical, non-narcotic pain relievers.

While you’re waiting to get in touch with the right people, I can’t help but suggest you consider trying a topical pain relieving gel called Biofreeze. it works, plain and simple.

One other option may be a hip brace like the one made by It’s You Babe. I can’t guarantee that the two suggestions will bring you relief, but if I were in your situation this is what I would do.

Here is the hip brace I had mentioned:

If you search hard enough, you should be able to locate the Biofreeze on the same site.

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Posted by @petere, Sep 9, 2012

Here it is:

The reason you’ve probably never seen this before is because only physical therapists and chiropractors can purchase it from the manufacturer. I guess the company selling it here has one or more of them on staff…

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