Hip Replacement Sciatic nerve palsy

Posted by hindes1 @hindes1, Jun 9 7:10am

My mother had hip replacment surgery and now can not walk or feel her left let. It looks as though it could be Sciatic nerve palsy. Her leg is swollen and hard. She's had tests and scans that show no signs of blood clots. She sits a lot as she can not walk and we do elevate her leg. Could the way she's sitting be causing the swelling and any suggestions beyond elevation to help reduce this swelling?

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That is a tough result after the hope of improvement from the hip replacement.
I can tell you that sitting can definitely irritate the sciatic nerve – can you get her up and moving to help decompress it? Even if it requires a walker and you to walk behind her with a gait belt to steady her, it could help.
Can you tell me more – when the surgery occurred, what the surgeon says & whether intensive PT has been tried?
This is probably not something you can solve on your own.


@hindes1, I add my welcome and agree with @sueinmn that her seated position may be contributing to the issue. I'm glad her medical team has ruled out blood clots or a hematoma. Is she working with an at-home physio therapist?

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