Hip Arthroscopy surgery for a labral tear. Should I have the surgery?

Posted by RMB @rmb, Oct 14, 2011

I have been diagnosed with a labral tear in my left hip by MRI. I have done 2 rounds of physical therapy, 6 weeks each time. I have had left hip pain for approximately 1 yr. Not sure how it happenned exactly. I did fall in my driveway a yr ago, but don’t remember having pain in my hip at that moment. I also used to exercise regularly at a gym in a body pump class where we did a lot of squats and lunges. So either one of these could have caused this I guess. My Michigan Dr is reccommending the hip arthroscopy surgery. I am very hesitant to do the surgery. Has anyone had this surery and had a complete recovery, and how long of a recovery. The Dr is saying 6wks, possbly 8.

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The labrum attached your femoral head holding it in place so pay close attention to your pain because it is telling you there is a problem. When the femoral head takes to much abuse it can damage the articular cartilage which helps the head move more effectively with movement. When this cartilage starts to deteriorate it will cause increased pain and eventually you will require surgery. This is probably why your doctor is suggesting a hip repair. The average period of time is 6-8 weeks and you will have some limitations of some functional movements that your doctor will tell you not to do for at least 6 months to one year. The choice is yours and your hip without corrective surgery your quality of life will be reduced, good luck and God bless.

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