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Hi,how are you today? I have been so so ,I think I'm

Posted by @tnip, Aug 13, 2011

Hi,how are you today? I have been so so ,I think I’m in shock over this. i would love some ansers i guess.,I’m just working thew it,If i knew way I had Peripheral Neuropathy it would help a lot. But I was in the best health of my life!Then i could’nt fill my toes then my legs now my arm roof of mouththen my tongue, and a hole heck of a lot of pain.I see you don’t have such good day either how do you cope? @honeybee6636



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Posted by @karatemom, Aug 25, 2011

Sounds like you need a definitive diagnosis. The peripheral neuropathy is a symptom of something else, and not necessarily fibro. There are a few new meds on the market that might help. Cymbalta is good for fibro pain and depression both. Lyrica is for fibro pain. I couldn’t take Lyrica, but it has helped many folks. I urge you to make certain it is fibro, and if so WHY do you have the peripheral neuropathy Get back to me if you wish, and. I’ll be in touch later.

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